Faculty and Staff

Undergraduates at UT are doing extraordinary things, both in their scholarly efforts, as well in those that take them outside the classroom walls. And they are able to do those things, in large part, because of the support and mentoring they have from you, their faculty, advisors, and colleagues. So, first and foremost, the ONSF extends its gratitude to you for all of the support you provide for our students.

Often times, some of our best students don’t think of themselves in terms of national scholarships and fellowships; whatever the reason, they don’t self-select and the opportunities pass. The ONSF, therefore, relies on you to identify and encourage students to expect the best of themselves and to take the risk in reaching for even greater things in their studies and professional ambitions. A few words of encouragement from you, their faculty and staff, is often the deciding factor as to whether or not a highly capable student considers making application to a nationally competitive opportunity.

The ONSF exists to support you efforts in helping your students succeed in their academic efforts and take their hard work to the next level by assisting them in identifying opportunities and successfully navigating the scholarship application process. We are dependent on collaboration across campus and welcome the opportunity to serve your students interested and capable of competing for some of the nation’s most prestigious opportunities.


The Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships (ONSF) supports UT undergraduates and alumni who are undertaking nationally competitive application processes.  It provides support only and cannot, under any circumstances, accept responsibility for missed deadlines, incomplete applications, missing letters of recommendation or other supplementary materials, or selection outcomes at the campus or national level.   The responsibility of completing and submitting an application rests solely on the student or alumni engaging in a national application process.  The ONSF does not guarantee or promise any outcome and all guidance provided is offered as advice.