Current Graduate Students

The ONSF is charged with providing support for current undergraduates. If you are a graduate student, we advise you to visit the Graduate School website for further guidance and recommend that you consult the additional services listed below:

Remember also to check in regularly with your own department and faculty, as well as with your discipline-specific professional organizations for additional funding opportunities.

However, there are selections of application processes facilitated by the ONSF for which graduate students are encouraged to apply. These include the Fulbright (available for recent graduates and current graduate students), Rhodes, British Marshall, and Mitchell. These and other scholarships generally recommend that students apply through their undergraduate institution and—as is the case for the UK and Ireland opportunities—must be formally nominated by UT in order to proceed.

The ONSF also supports students applying for National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, the Critical Language Scholarship, and the Boren Fellowship, all of which are available for current graduate students. Contact the ONSF for specific information and guidance on the above opportunities and how to proceed through the campus nomination process, if required.

Much of the information provided on this website is easily translatable for full-time graduate students. Chances are fairly good that you will need to submit a personal statement of some make or measure, a project proposal, a CV, and obtain strong letters of recommendation for an application of national merit. Make a point of reading through our online materials and if you would like specific guidance and support, please schedule an appointment with the ONSF.