Undergraduates & Alumni

Nationally competitive, merit-based scholarships and fellowships afford students the opportunity to pursue a variety of goals including graduate school, international study, advanced research, and leadership experiences. They are generally awarded based on a student’s potential as indicated by previous accomplishments both on and off their university campus.

Approaching the undergraduate experience strategically, setting goals, and making plans are critical in competing for national opportunities. Allowing for the necessary time to reflect on one’s hopes, dreams, core-values, sense of purpose, and future plans will make for a stronger candidate and allow for the greatest benefit from the entire application process, not just the outcome.

It is, in fact, the process that is so highly valued by the ONSF and one which will benefit the student applicant for not only scholarship and fellowships applications, but also in mindfully approaching decisions about majors, research and thesis work, social engagement, graduate studies, and professional directions.

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