Recent UT graduate receives nationally competitive fellowship at Stanford Law School

Recent UT graduate Adrianna Boghozian (May 2013) was recently selected for a nationally competitive fellowship at Stanford Law, putting to use her two degrees in Mathematics and Economics (not Pre-Law).   For the past two years Adrianna been worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in the Computational Earth Science Group within the Climate Change Science Institute. Working under a model developer, her main project was creating a verification and validation software to help evaluate the Community Ice Sheet Model, a component of the Community Earth System Model, that measures changes in velocity and thickness of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets. With future sea level rise being a very real concern, her research team hopes that with the continuous development of this ice sheet model they can contribute an accurate picture of how climate change is affecting the ice sheets and as a result, sea level rise.

As a research fellow position at Stanford Law School, beginning mid-summer 2014, Adrianna will be assisting one of four law professors in their research, each of whom address a wide range of topics in their research under the umbrella of socioeconomics, law, and policy. These topics include: administrative law, anti discrimination law, courts, protective labor regulation, enforcement of workplace safety laws, legal history, civil rights, employment discrimination, crime and criminal justice, health policy and health care finance.  Adrianna is excited to apply the research and computer skills that she gained while working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to the field of social science. Most notably, she looks forward to the opportunity to experience the excellent research community at Stanford University.  Adrianna’s future goals include continuing her education with a graduate degree after her research at Stanford is complete, with an eye toward the intersection of public health and climate change.

Adrianna worked closely with ONSF staff to finalize her application materials and work through her interview preparation for this highly competitive and uniquely interdisciplinary fellowship.  Read more about the details of this exciting opportunity, available each year to graduating seniors or recent graduates.