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First Steps

Interested in applying for a competitive fellowship, but unsure where to start? Consider the following steps:

  1. Nationally competitive fellowships can support a tremendously wide range of activities and are no longer “bookish” in the sense that they consider only academic merit. Awards programs expect students to be engaged in pursuits that extend and deepen their academic program and interests/goals/passions, such as relevant leadership activities, community projects and service, undergraduate research, and/or study and research abroad—in addition to strong (but rarely “perfect”) academic performance. There is no perfect, ideal, or even typical candidate. Review committees seek interesting applicants and consider the “whole person.”
  2. Take a look at our LIST OF SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS. Explore/read up on awards of interest. (Awards for which international students are eligible are asterisked. We also have a page HERE focused on fellowships specifically for immigrants, non-US citizens, and underrepresented groups.)
  3. Submit the form below to request an appointment. (ONSF’s “peak season” is late August to mid-October and then again the last three weeks of January. We will likely take more time to schedule an appointment with you during this time of year and appreciate your patience!)
  4. We also welcome friend/peer referrals from students. If you know UT students or recent graduates who might be strong potential candidates, you may refer them to ONSF using THIS FORM. We’ll take it from there!


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