International Students

As a current student of UT, international students may have access to a limited number of institutional opportunities. There may be merit-based opportunities available through your department, college, or available to any UT student regardless of citizenship. Generally, funding available for activities engaged in while at UT, like undergraduate research, is available to both citizens and international students. It is up to you to make sure that you are aware of any citizenship requirements for a scholarship opportunities of interest. Students may also be eligible for on-campus student employment positions.

Prior to admission to any U.S. college or university, international students must provide proof of their financial support before the student can be admitted. Once proof is provided, UT can formally offer admission and issue the necessary documentation for immigration (student Visas, etc.). Any questions related to international student admission should be directed to UT’s Office of Admission. Further financial aid questions for incoming international students can be directed to the Office of Financial Aid and for on-going support while at UT with financial issues, registration, and related concerns, international students are encouraged to make use of UT’s One Stop service.

International students, along with their families and sponsors, must assume all financial responsibility for UT tuition and living expenses. Make sure you, along with those who are supporting you financially, have carefully reviewed all of the requisite costs involved before applying for admission to UT.

You can find an extended list of opportunities for international students, and/or opportunities that are not limited by citizenship requirements by visiting our dedicated pages for International Students. Also consider searching our opportunities database and select ‘other visa status,’ to see what national opportunities may be available to you. Of course, check with your home country and if you are studying at UT for a limited time as part of your university in your home country, check with your home institution for additional funding resources.

UT’s I-House is a great resource for UT international students who are looking for opportunities to meet other students, advance their English skills, and just find support for integrating into life in the U.S. and at UT. As for any student applying for a nationally competitive, merit-based opportunity it is important that you plan ahead and educate yourself as best able on the processes involved in applying, as well as deadlines. Of course, you are encouraged to make an appointment with ONSF staff for further guidance on how to make the most of your UT experience as an international undergraduate student.

Further scholarship opportunities and resources for international students at:

Fact-box: Some nationally competitive scholarships like the Gates-Cambridge are available for international students. For some, like the Rhodes, you may be able to apply as a citizen of your home institution. Make a point of visiting their websites and reading carefully about any citizenship restrictions scholarship programs may, or may not, have prior to making an application.