Fulbright Campus Applications

UT Campus Preliminary Application Deadline (Full Grant/ETAs): April 25, 2016

ETA Preliminary Application: Complete the online application form by the stated deadline.

Full Grant Preliminary Application: Complete the online application form by the stated deadline.

UT Campus Final Application Deadline (Full Grant/ETAs): August 22, 2016

Please use the official Embark online application system for your final campus application. Complete submission instructions below.

All Fulbright grant program applications require:

  • A one-page, single-spaced personal statement and a one to two-page grant-of-purpose statement;
  • Study/Research, ETAs, MTVu, and Public Policy – may require language competency forms depending on your selected country. Consult the country pages for further instruction on expected language proficiency and required forms;
  • Completion of the on-line Embark application. Guidance and instruction for using the Embark system is available here;
  • Three confidential letters of recommendation;
  • Official transcripts from all credit or degree-granting institutions;
  • Study/Research, ETAs, MTVu, and Public Policy full grant programs require a Letter of Affiliation from the host country, submitted with the formal application by the stated national deadline.

Candidates may apply for only one type of grant program and one country per application cycle.

Each country has set number of grants, specific selection criteria, language requirements, and eligibility qualifications. Carefully review the requirements for your country of interest in advance of submitting your application materials. All of this material and country-specific guidance is available on the Fulbright US Student Program website. The comprehensive is organized by country, so the best place for you to start in your consideration of a Fulbright is with the question of where in the world you would like to undertake your research, advanced study, or teaching experience.

UT Fulbright Information and Application Guidance

The Institute of International Education website provides excellent detailed information on the Fulbright U.S. Student program and the detailed guidance about the application process. Consult the eligibility requirements, determine which country best suits your research or teaching interests, and experience, and what specific application materials are required for your country of choice (language forms, affiliation letters, matriculation details if applying for formal degree programs, etc.). Following a careful review of the Fulbright’s website and information materials, review the UT campus process and, if possible, make an appointment with ONSF staff to discuss the Fulbright process in greater length and for guidance on getting started on your personal statement and project proposal.

Candidates interested in submitting an application should complete the following:

  • Completed final campus application submitted by the campus deadline including
    • Completed online Embark application (available in early May each year)
    • Unofficial transcripts or grade-history
    • two out of three letters of recommendation
    • Letter of affiliation, if possible
    • All required written statements

The Embark application will be available for viewing by the ONSF staff; all supplementary materials should be submitted to Andrew Seidler by e-mail or dropped off/mailed to the Office of National Scholarships (ONSF): Greve Hall, Room 317, 821 Volunteer Boulevard, Knoxville, TN, 37996. All materials – emailed, dropped-off, or mailed – must be received by 5.00 pm EST on the stated campus deadline.

  • Final national application deadline MUST include:
    • Completed on-line Embark application (all materials will be uploaded to the online system)
    • All official transcripts
    • Official language proficiency forms, if required
    • Letter of Affiliation
    • All required written statements

Approximately two weeks in advance of the preliminary campus deadline, the ONSF will coordinate a Fulbright Campus Application information session to answer all of your final questions and concerns. ONSF staff is available from beginning to end to help you successfully complete your Fulbright campus and national application. At any point in advance of/or during the application process, you are encouraged to connect with the ONSF staff to discuss your application and answers all questions related to your application process.

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