Truman Finalists

Eric Dixon, of Knoxville, will graduate in December with a quadruple major in philosophy, economics, sociology, and global studies. His interests include issues facing central and southern Appalachia, growing the green economy, and service-learning initiatives. He is vice president of the Honors Council, is involved with the Roosevelt Institute and SPEAK (Students Promoting Environmental Action in Knoxville), and is helping lead a campaign to encourage UT to invest responsibly. He has served in the Student Government Association and has worked for the Daily Beacon. He currently does sustainability policy from a behavioral perspective at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dixon is a Baker Scholar and an active member of the Chancellor’s Honors community.

Lindsay Lee, of Oak Ridge, is a junior studying mathematics, Spanish, and Portuguese. She is the founder and president of Campus Disability Advocates, a group that promotes equality for students with disabilities. She is co-chair of the Academic Affairs Committee in the Student Government Association, and she is currently running for president of the organization. She writes regular columns in the Daily Beacon. Her research involves modeling the population dynamics of managed feral cat colonies. Lee aspires to a public health career where she will work to reduce health care disparities between socioeconomic classes. She also is a Haslam Scholar and an active member of the Chancellor’s Honors community.