SIT-ONSF Partner Award Application

SIT-ONSF Partner Award Scholarship Application

  • How much of your current UT financial aid package will transfer to cover the costs of your selected SIT program and how much will you need to make up the difference?
  • If you selected 'no' to the previous question, please indicate when you expect to hear from SIT.
  • Briefly describe your goals for your SIT experience. Be specific and offer insights into how the program fits with your current and future trajectory.
  • All SIT programs include an independent research and/or creative project (ISP) as part of their program. What do you intend to propose as your ISP? Please keep in mind this is just a projected proposal; you may describe, in brief, what you submitted with your formal SIT application.
  • Please describe in a two-three sentences what your future plans are post-graduation.
  • Please provide the names, departments and email addresses for two faculty references. They can be the same faculty who wrote for your SIT application.

    To be considered for the SIT/ONSF Partnership Scholarship, all recipients must commit to applying for at least one nationally competitive scholarship or fellowship. Please indicate which you intend to apply for, with the support of the ONSF (you may select more than one). If you aren't familiar with the above awards, please consult:
  • I confirm that all of the above is my own work and that, to the best of my ability, I have supplied accurate and truthful accounting of my financial need.