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“First, I’d like to say that I would certainly not be able to be competitive applicant for a Fulbright without ONSF. Not because I lacked the appropriate achievements, but because I lacked the realization of my various achievements. I am not necessarily a very confident person when it comes to my academic achievements, mainly because I am hard on myself. But with the assistance of Andrew and Dr. Handelsman, I learned how to frame myself in the most impressive manner (I can’t thank you both enough). Simply stated, I certainly gained confidence through this process.” – 2017-2018 applicant

“I never imagined something like this would be a possibility. After seeing my academic come-back story through the ONSF’s lens, I realized there is more within reach for me. I thank you.” – 2017-2018 applicant

“As an ONSF Exploration Grant recipient, I cannot overstate the importance and significance of this experience. This is absolutely one of the greatest opportunities given to undergraduates at UT. I believe that my exploratory travel was absolutely essential to developing a competitive application, as I made several institutional contacts that would not have otherwise been viable. More importantly, visiting the country for nearly a month allowed me to test some of my methodologies and feasibility of my research.” – 2017-2018 applicant

“The ONSF staff were remarkably helpful and punctual throughout my entire experience. Considering the volume of students that they cater to, I was amazed by the attention and time that was devoted to me (and I am sure others as well).”  – 2017-2018 applicant

“My experience over the past two years working with Andrew has been wonderful. I have so much more clarity now on my future educational and career goals and I truly have this office to thank for that.” – 2017-2018 applicant

“Another stand-out feature of the Fulbright application process was the campus interview with ONSF. It was extremely beneficial to meet with professionals and academics in the fields that I am interested in studying. Their continued support and critique after the interview was also essential.” – 2017-2018 applicant

“This was one of the most nerve wracking things I’ve ever done, but in thinking about grad school applications and job interviews I feel more prepared. The questions that were brought up throughout the process of writing my personal statement and refining it are questions I still reflect on to further define and verbalize my goals and passions to others. Asking for help is always hard, but working with ONSF was extremely gratifying.” – 2017-2018 applicant

“It was a really incredible experience for me, and it really gave me some much needed confidence in my writing abilities and my ability to articulate why I do what I do.” – 2017-18 applicant

“Andrew, Dr. Handelsman, and all the other incredible faculty members who assist in any way this program are some of my heroes of academia. They have pushed and prodded me harder than any other people at the University of Tennessee and I am and will forever be so thankful for their challenges, encouragement, and true care through the entire process. I have become a different person since beginning the process of applying for the Fulbright. I was pressured to research what I wanted to learn which turned into a passion which turned into a thesis which turned into a life goal. I have gained so much confidence in my ability to perform good qualitative and quantitative research, to articulate my research approach concisely, and to speak with upper level faculty members who I may have never met before. Thank you so much, ONSF.” – 2016-2017 applicant