What to Wear to an Interview

Treat campus and national interviews with the same professionalism as you would a job interview. Guys and gals, if you are comfortable in a suit, wear one. Guys, if a blazer, tie, and trousers make you feel best, go with that. And, ladies, wear attire that causes you absolutely no concern in terms of length, cut, and comfort. In many cases, you will be at a conference table, but in some interview situations you may be in a parlor-type setting and should be comfortable sitting in chair without a table in front of you. Of course, don’t wear hats, sunglasses, or anything else that would be distracting.

In other words, don’t be memorable for your fashion. Be memorable for what you had to say and what you plan to do.

Pre-interview Dinner

In addition to a formal interview, you may be asked to participate in a dinner the night before you interview that could include scholarship alumni, administrators, and interview committee members. Or, it may be a cocktail reception (general rule of thumb, leave the ‘cocktail’ out of it).

Consider this to be a part of your interview; dress the part appropriately and remember that you are being assessed on how you interact with other candidates, the committee members, and others involved in the process. This is not the time to be memorable for things you say, or don’t, for what you do, or for you shouldn’t have done.

Be prepared, gracious, humble, and mindful that this particular part of interview process gives an indication to the selection committee of your ambassadorial merit. This is true regardless of whether or not you are interviewing for an international experience or for something state-side. In all cases, it is about how you will come across as an ambassador and representative of the scholarship program.