Current Nominees

Well done at receiving your university’s endorsement and faculty nomination! That is an achievement in and of itself and worthy of congratulations.  Your application materials are strong and you know have a wealth of insight from those who sat on your campus review and interview committees to use as you begin to further refine your application.

ONSF staff will be available to you from start to finish and encourage you to make every opportunity to work with us in refining your campus application for national submission.  There is a bounty of guidance available on this website, and chances are you have already received a significant amount of support in the process.

Now, it is truly time to attend to every detail in your application. As you refine and possible re-draft your essays and project proposals, make every effort to have your faculty mentors review your materials and provide further guidance. They are the experts in your own field and can provide very specific assistance. ONSF staff is available to edit, review, edit and review again as needs be and certainly run your work past your colleagues, friends, and family. By presenting a grammatically correct, well-written, interesting and comprehensive application you are sending a very clear, powerful message to the national committees about the seriousness of your efforts and your commitment to you own dreams. So, give yourself plenty time between being selected as a campus nominee and hitting that final submit button, to polish your work until it absolutely sparkles. At the level of competition afforded by opportunities like the Marshall, Truman, Rhodes, Fulbright, etc., absolutely everything counts.

Don’t be shy in asking for help and make regular appointments with us as you work toward that final national deadline.